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    Create Jointly Share Together

    Company Mission
    Put people first to establish an elite team to creat value for shareholders and stakeholders;Pursue a harmonious development among staff, enterprised, society and nature; Create and share material and spiritual wealth together.

    To become the world’s most competitive cutting fluid and water reducing agent manufacturer and creator of customer value.

    Management Principle
    Put people first, operate acoording to law; independent innovation, continuous improvement,building a healthy, safe working environment and providing customers with satisfaction and expectations of ethylene oxide derivatives fine chemicals; creating value for sharesholders, establishing a resource-saving and environment-friendly company for harmonious development among people, business, community and the nature.

    Management Objection
    No serious accident; Over 85%satisfaction of Occupational Health; 100%Qualified Products, over 85% Customer Satisfaction and Pass Rate of the First Inspection; 100% control over pollution and no waste discharge gradurally.

    Work ethic
    loyalty, Union, Dedication, Struggle

    Work Spirit
    Faster, Finer, Stronger
      Create Jointly Share Together  
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