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Core business   
Liaoning Oxiranchem,Inc.
Jilin Oxiranchem New Material Company Ltd.
Nanjing Yangzi Oxiranchem Company Ltd.
Jilin Oxiranchem Company Ltd.
Oxiranchem Yangzhou Company Ltd.
Yangzhou Oxiranchem Sale Company Ltd.
Guangdong Oxiranchem Co., Ltd.
Tengzhou Oxiranchem Co.,Ltd.
  Liaoning Oxiranchem, a high-tech industrial company using ethylene oxide as raw material centered on research, production and sale ethylene oxide derivative fine chemicals. Its leading products are crystalline silicon cutting liquid for photovoltalic industry, water reducing agent for high-performance cement, polyethylene glycol, etc. Many awards have ever been repeatly received for outstanding contribution to Chinese chemical industry in recent years, such as National Innovative Enterprise,National Postdoctoral Scientific Research Workstation, National Key High-Tech Enterpriseds, National Model Enterprise for Harmonious Labor Relationship, China's Outstanding Private Technology Enterprise etc.
  By persisting on the innovative way of "taking company as the entity, market as the guide and the combination of production,studing and researching" , Oxiranchem has developed rapidly, healthy, continuously, and harmoniously.
  Liaoning Oxiranchem,Inc. is willing to go further than any other company in innovation and scientific exploration. Our management strives to become the world's most competitive EO derivatives fine chemcial manufacture

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