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      Oxiranchem owns intellectual property rights on its core technonlgies and equipment,which are at international advanced level. This has laid a solid foundation for the company’s sustainable development.In the past few yearsthe company has made massive investments in the R&D to increase its technology eserve.
    It was approved to Liaoning Provincial Enterprise Technology Center in 2002,  the postdoctoral scientific research base of the first batch of private enterprises of Liaoning province iin 2004,was approved as Liaoning Provincial Engineering Research Center in 2005; Liaoning province first batch example enterprise of science and technology innovation ,the first batch of innovative enterprises, State-level enterprise of post-doctoral research station in 2008. Oxirenchem Technical Center passed the preliminary assessment of national-level Enterprise Technology Center in May 2009.
      The technology center consists of four laboratories, expert board and analysis test department. Its elite team is composed of talented people,experts, professorss, doctors. It has equipped advanced equipment and instrument . Insistting the techology innovation development strategy of “based on the ethylene oxide,take the innovation as the lead,support present production, leading the future ” and the market development principle of “big trend, big market, few competitions”,the technology center with will commit itself to the development of ethylene oxide fine processing and provide the strong technical support for the company’s future.

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