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Tengzhou Oxiranchem Co.,Ltd.


Established: June 8, 2010

Registered capital: RMB 30 million

Paid-up capital: RMB 30 million

Registered Address: Tengzhou Chenlong Chemical Industrial Base (the Guanqiao Town)

Legal representative: Dong Zhenpeng

Business scope:

production: polyether monomer for water reducing agent, polyoxyethylene ethyl ether, polyoxyethylene propyl ether,cutting fluid, polyethylene glycol, fatty alcohol polyoxyethylene ether, Phenyl ethyl phenol polyoxyethylene ether.

sales: chemical products (excluding hazardous chemicals ,inflammable and explosive materials)

Tengzhou Oxiranchem Co.,Ltd. which 81% its share is held by Liaoning Oxiranchem Co.Ltd, and 19% is held by Shandong Tengzhou Chenlong Energy Group Co., Ltd.

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